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June 6, 2012 / Miss Karen

Lark Kasbah Heidi meets Amy Butler!

Unfinished Business:   the belt for the Lark Kasbah Heidi in the last post

Fabric:  Free Spirit Fabrics 100% cotton in Light Jade with strips of Amy Butler Lark Kasbah in persimmon

Interfacing:  pieces of broadcloth from my stash

Notions:  thread, hooks

Construction:  My method differs from the pattern.  First interface all the belt pieces, including the lining.  After sewing the 4 pieces together (first see note below), trim the interfacing close to the stitching and then trim the seams.  Press them open.

You’re looking at the belt and its lining, which I did identically.

(Note:  Leave a little opening in the horizontal center seam of the lining.  This is so that we can turn the belt right-side out later.)

See the pins?  It’s my quick way to mark the pieces.  Honestly, I found it confusing to keep up with them because they’re similar.

Just keep in mind that the seams with the #7 go together and that the belt is kind of ruffle-y.

After placing the belt and lining right sides together, stitch all around the perimeter in one continuous seam.  This is different from the pattern instructions.  Then trim all around, angling at the corners to reduce bulk in the points.

Turn the belt right-side out through the opening in the center seam of the lining.  Press. Here’s what you have:

In the photo above I’m pointing out the opening for turning.  Now hand-stitch it closed.

Time to add the embellishment.  I wrestled with how I wanted to arrange the strips.  Instead of making 6 strips as the pattern calls for, I made 5.

I decided to cut up the strips to do a geometric pattern.  Here’s how I started:

I used the ruler to check the 45-degree angles of the strips.

That middle vertical seam is the side seam.

After stitching down the middle of each strip with a stitch length of 3mm, I added strips to complete the X’s:

Then it was simple to stitch a strip down the horizontal center, a strip along the top, and lastly a strip along the bottom.

To finish, I sewed on hooks.  Instead of eyes, I hand-stitched…hmm…what do I call these?

I used a toothpick to create a space for the hook to fit and just looped over it several times with the thread.


Belt is done.  Here’s a side view of it with the dress:

New Business:  I met Amy Butler at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City!  Yay!

She is such a lovely, sweet person and I could have talked to her all day.  How about that DUH expression on my face?!  You can tell I’m a big fan.

It was so amazing to meet her wearing a dress made out of her fabric!

She was at Market to introduce her new line called Cameo.  It will arrive next month!

If you haven’t visited Amy’s website, you should.  It is FULL of goodies!

Hey, did you notice that I’m not wearing the belt I made?  That’s because I hadn’t made it yet.  The belt I’m wearing is from Charming Charlie.

(My to-sew list is loooooong, so I’m going to pass the Heidi pattern (some pieces are size 34, most are size 36) on to someone else.  If you’re interested and have a U.S. address, email me at karenATfancifulfabricsDOTcom before June 13.  I’ll have a random drawing.)


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  1. Peggy / Jun 6 2012 3:49 pm

    Great post. Love the fabric, dress, belt and all the instructions. :)


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